How to add a game

  1. Press the "edit" button on the platform's page you need to edit
  2. Switch from "visual" to "source" mode
  3. Start a new line where you need to add the game
  4. Add |-
  5. Start a new line
  6. Add | and then write the title of the game
  7. Add || to separate the different sections of the table ( |Title||Also on||Notes||Details )
  8. If one of those section is empty add two || ( |Title||||Notes||Details )
  9. Press the "preview" button to check if you didn't make any mistake
  10. Press the "publish" button

How to add a reference

  1. Switch to "source" mode
  2. In most cases, add the reference after the game's title
  3. Use this template: (remove the ") <"ref>Name of the source: [http://url Title of the article] Retrieved date of the edit</ref>

Example: <"ref>Siliconera: [ Tales of Symphonia Chronicles HD Will Have Dual Audio] Retrieved 2014-03-10</ref>


  • Also on: Add only the platforms where the game has a japanese audio track. Do not add the same platform of the page the list is on.
  • Notes: If the game has region differences, you can add them here.
  • Details: Use this section when you need to add specific details (the game is available on a different platform but it's only in english, the japanese track is DLC only, etc.)
  • When you add a multiplatform game be sure to add it on each platform's list